One Drop Prescription

One Drop Prescription

19.990 Ft

One Drop játékos Jonathon Best saját kézzel tervezett modellje.


One Drop Prescription by the words of Jonathon Best:

“Give me the curves of the Cascade. Give me the weight and hand-feel of the Project 2. Tweak the weight distribution. Make sure the Projection Profile is juuuuust right. Oh, and Side Effects. Gotta have those.

It’s crazy to me that soon, very soon, you’re going to be holding in your hands something that is so, so important to me. After all these years, after all those contests and club meetings, after all those videos, and after meeting all of YOU, it’s finally here…and I couldn’t be happier.

At the end of the day, the Prescription feels like the Cascade’s older, more refined, and obviously more handsome brother. It’s got some float paired with mid-weighting, which means it’s perfect for complex and intricate movements. It’s stable and surprisingly fast when you push it hard.

And, trust me. They call me the Doctor for a reason. I know just what you need. Side Effects included.”

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Response System

Ügyességi Szint

Haladó, Pro


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